Имя модели: Abigaile Johnson
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Описание модели: If there was only one girl left on earth and you had to bang her repeatedly to repopulate the planet, you'd have to hope and pray to whatever you believe in that she'd be as sexy as Spunky Bee, a.k.a. Abigaile Johnson. Originally from Czech Republic, her curves are as real and as gorgeous as the rolling hills of Moravia, where she was born. Abi's an all-natural, down to earth Euro girl who knows how to have a good time. If she's not partying in Prague, she might be playing video games online or playing with her pussy on cam. She likes to do lesbian scenes, solo shots, anal, interracial, and everything in between. Whether it's between her lips or her legs, when she has a thick cock deep inside her, she rewards her audience with splashing scenes and fuck faces that never disappoint. Abigaile makes the type of echoing moans that could make a deaf man hard. She likes to show off her tight little body, posting pics of her painful pleasure sessions while getting tattoos or just eating some good sushi on her social media. She started showing us how she gets down and dirty in 2008, and has since featured in hundreds of clips, and RedTube has the best of them.
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