Имя модели: Alexis Love
Аватарка модели:
Описание модели: It's funny how the name Alexis and the phrase "I Like Sex" are so similar, because this is definitely the case when it comes to Alexis Love. She's the type of naughty girl that wet dreams are made of, with a tight little body, perky tits, and some junk in the trunk. This feisty little Latina from in Sacramento, California, got into porn shortly after graduating from high school. She wanted to move out of her parent's house and get her own place, so she moved to LA and contacted a modeling agency, and her career took off. Her cute, girlish looks and shy attitude make her perfect for lesbian, teen, and DDLG (Daddy Dom Little Girl), among many other roles, and landed her box on a few cover shots within a short time. She said that after watching one scene and how easy it was, she knew exactly what she wanted to do. It wasn't until she got into the business that she realized how big the cocks really were, and did not expect dicks of such thickness to be in her life, let alone her pussy! Maybe that's why she hasn't done anal yet, but when it comes to everything she does do, RedTube has it all.

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