Имя модели: Amber Rayne
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Описание модели: Don't let her petite physique and cute little name fool you; she's one of the best in class exports to come out of the dirty D. Originally from Detroit, Michigan, Amber left the Motor City to follow her dreams of entering the porn business in California, and to find her own paradise of dirty D. She did her first scene in 2005 when she was just 21, and has since done just about everything you can imagine. You can count on Amber for some proper lesbian scenes, threesomes, gang bangs, anal, and a lot of face-fucking and deep-throating as well, because she's a fetish freak who has no gag reflex. Amber's not shy on- or off-camera, begging for more dripping cock in her pie hole until she gets the cream filling, or posting pics on social media, where she has hundreds of followers and various fan blogs showing their admiration for her slutty special features. She's like a rugged crossover on all fours, of half-native and half-Celtic descent. Amber brings the innocent little girl looks of a sporty model and an unbridled whores power for taking everything wet and wild the porn world can throw at her, and RedTube has caught it all.
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