Имя модели: Ava Devine
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Описание модели: It seems like the later they join the industry, the wilder they are. Ava Devine jumped into the game at the age of 28. When it comes to being a certified freak, very few can stand next to her. She was once referred to as the "Lady of the Lake" of porn by Hannah Harper, implying that she represents the myth of a legendary mystical slut because Ava Devine is ready to fuck anyone at any given time. She brought new meaning to the idea od taking one for the team, literally. Ava once offered her pussy for a team gang-bang with the Cleveland Cavaliers when they were experiencing a losing streak. Now that's a down-ass bitch. A whole team of virile athletes going ham on that big brown ass doesn't intimidate her, even in the slightest. In fact, she'd gladly get bukakked in the locker-room, take a shower and do the other team right after. The unstoppable sexual power of this cock conqueror, along with her extremely dirty style, and love of hardcore anal penetration is what makes Ava Devine a MILF in a class of her own. You might think you've known freaks, but you haven't seen Ava go at it. There is no competition. Dicks, pussies, toys - everything will get destroyed along with her big tits, meat pie, and butthole. If it's not extremely filthy and dirty, Ava Devine doesn't want it. We've got all the good clips but only if you're ready!
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