Имя модели: Avy Scott
Аватарка модели:
Описание модели: Her first name is pronounced "A-V", as in she has a huge A and a tight pink V. It's actually a shortened form of the name "Avril", French for April, which was her nickname in high school. For a short time she studied business and psychology in college, until she started doing live masturbation shows online and gained a huge following, which encouraged her to drop out of college and enter the adult entertainment industry in November 2001. Since then, she's appeared in over 100 adult films in most genres, including masturbation, lesbian, threesome, oral, facial, anal, DP, and POV. She is an all-natural, full-figured American girl, standing 5'6" with blonde hair and blue eyes, and measuring 36D-26-37. Her curvy body is kept in shape by doing yoga and hitting the gym when she's not on set hitting the headboard while her pussy is plowed from behind. It's no coincidence that she shoots so many threesomes, because in real life she's bisexual. She loves the feeling of raw cock and being filled up inside like a twinkie, and she can't resist the sweet taste of pussy in her mouth. She loves doing it and we love showing it, right here on RedTube.

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