Имя модели: Belladonna
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Описание модели: The name alone carries weight and respect among both fans and industry people. Belladonna is a porn powerhouse and an institution to all things related to kinky fun and dirty smuttiness. She grew up in a military family and got to travel around while getting to know herself. Once Belladonna realized that she wanted to be a pornstar, she left the nest and hit the studios. Her first scene was an explosive anal demolition, and this is the narrative that has followed the infamous Belladonna throughout her career. For those who don't know, Bella Donna means "beautiful woman" in Italian, and although she has no Italian roots, her name suits her like the many cool tattoos she's got on her sexy body. She's not scared of a little bit of pain and is known for her no-limits scenes where she will do anything from giant orgies to BDSM. With over 300 titles to her name, she's on the top of the industry's food chain, and has racked up tons of awards along the way. It's been some time now that she's been out of the game, but she still has a foot in the door, running her own studio, providing us pervs with something to spank to. Thankfully she's left us a plethora of hardcore videos that get tons of play back value and are still racking up huge view counts today. Peep some of her best work right here on RedTube.
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