Имя модели: Black Angelika
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Описание модели: Eastern European adult actress Black Angelika is a seductive enchantress from Romania, where they like their beers cold and their sluts scorching hot. Among the many things Black about Angelika, besides the boots she wears and the cocks she sucks, is the ink of her tattoos, notably a black scorpion on her right ankle and three others around her pubic area. She got her start in 2007 at the age of 20, undergoing a breast augmentation a couple of years later. Her perfect puppies have been let loose in over 140 features, those Bucharest boobies in full display for all us ogling degenerates to get our rocks off to. This raven-haired fuckdoll likes it rough from the top of her 5'4" and runs the gamut from anal to interracial to girl/girl. While her tits are huge, her feet are a tiny size 6, exactly what you would want stroking your cock with her warm soles caressing your balls ever so gently. Her performances include masturbation, blowjobs, double-penetration and all sorts of hardcore shit that'll make your momma blush. Black Angelika is on RedTube and so are you, cum together under our roof!
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