Имя модели: Brittney Skye
Аватарка модели:
Описание модели: This little blonde bimbette is the original Brittney bitch. Usually wearing something pink and see-through, and always giving fuck me eyes to camera, Brittney's sex appeal was so influential that pop stars copied her style and her sluttiness. She's a self proclaimed human fuck-toy with a filthy mouth that's perfect for swallowing cock sauce or talking dirty while she takes a serious pussy pounding. She's a Missouri girl with bright green eyes, a nice firm bubble butt and enhanced 32D boobs, so she looks like a Barbie and fucks like a hooker with no time limit. In high school Britt was a flirty cheerleader, and then she worked in retail, designing kids bedrooms. Now she's in working in the bedroom in a much more fun way, making adult films for the world to enjoy. Since shooting her first scene in 2001, she's featured in over 300 films in everything from teen and masturbation, to lesbian, threesomes, DP, anal, interracial, BDSM and everything in between. She loves doing what she does, and has even tried directing. Her favorite male star to work with is Nacho Vidal, and her favourite female co-star is Belladonna. Even though this professional fuck-doll decided to retire in 2009, her scenes still inspire other sluts in training, and RedTube has them all.

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