Имя модели: Capri Cavalli
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Описание модели: Hailing from Vansterdam has its perks: For slutty starlet Capri Cavalli, life in hazy British Columbia inspired her to break south and bust nuts for a living. Just like the polite little Canadian that she is, this blonde fuck doll is all about pleasing her partners and ultimately her beloved audience, an eager beaver indeed. Mind you, what could be more satisfactory than looking down and finding a busty, blue-eyed Northern goddess looking right back at you while she slobs on your knob? Definitely a tear-jerker. Either way, Capri will inevitably have you reaching for the tissue paper with her eye-rolling head-giving abilities , creamy pussy and boner-inducing fuck faces. Penthousewas obviously in on the know, which is why in September 2013 they crowned her Pet of the Month. At 5'4" and 115lbs, Capri Cavalli is that prime trim you wanna chew on day in, day out. Feast your eyes on Capri Cavalli and watch her take on multiple cocks at once, or imagine yourself beating up that fat monkey by watching one of her POV scenes and making yourself the hero of the story. RedTube has all the Capri Cavalli scenes you could ever want, so go ahead and take a load off... You know you want to.
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