Имя модели: Carmella Bing
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Описание модели: The first thing that should come to anyone's mind when hearing the name Carmella Bing is her superb 34 double D's. Whether she's getting a thorough titty fucking or letting those fun bags bounce around while demolishing squads of hard cocks, you are guaranteed to witness a hardcore performance executed beautifully. Her jugs might be the main attraction but it's far from being the only fun ride in the amusement park they call Carmella Bing. Her sucking skills are pronominal turning the toughest badass in to a obedient little sex toy. Speaking of toys, one of Carmella favorite pass times is shoving phallic objects up her pretty little butthole. It's like she needs something in there permanently the way her booty devours dildos with fierce enthusiasm. It all started with humble beginnings when she moved out of Oregon to Las Vegas where she danced for bachelor parties. Carmella was featured in the Discovery Channel television show Sexual Secrets where she mentioned that she wanted to star in porn movies in the future. We all owe a big THANK YOU to Davia Ardell for introducing her to the porn game because since then, she has provided us with more than 100 titles of hardcore action. Carmella is also the first female to drive the BangBus, which is legendary in its own right. Though she's retired these days working on art and raising her kids, her best work is right here on RedTube for all of us to enjoy!
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