Имя модели: Charley Chase
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Описание модели: The world would be a better place if more girls were like Charley Chase. Obviously, she's incredibly hot, with seductive sensuality oozing out of every pore on her sexy body. Those 34DDs are in fact real, her ass is thick and juicy, and her smile alone can induce raging boners within less than half a second of eye contact. But when it comes to Charley Chase it's not just the looks and her award-winning sex skills - it's so much more than that. Raised in Louisville, Kentucky, Charley has a wholesome, Southern hospitality vibe to her, where you automatically feel comfortable in her presence. She's the type of woman that'll hold you down on a cold winter day with a homemade pumpkin pie, before letting you snuggle in her big titties and unleashing the type of sexual energy you can only find in a true certified freak. According to Kink.com, Charley Chase is "The Queen of Cumming", and we wholeheartedly agree. Her slutty nature was made infamous in a Venice Beach incident where she got some firefighters in trouble after showing off her tits and letting people touch her near the fire truck. After that, Charley kindly apologized, stood up for the firemen involved, called out the media for twisting the story, and referred to the incident as a "fun day". The best part about Charley is that things just keep getting better. She recently opened up her butthole so expect more anal action from this exemplary slut.
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