Имя модели: Cytherea
Аватарка модели:
Описание модели: Named after the Greek deity of pleasure and procreation, it's only natural that Cytherea became one of the porno biz's reigning talents. The Salt Lake City native and former Mormon is one of the industry's most sought-after performers, namely for her one-of-a-kind female ejaculation abilities. Cytherea squirts the way rapids roar across the river bend, like a point break wave crashing along the rocky shore, earning her title as the Goddess of Gush. Speaking of Greek, boy is this girl into anal. She's had so much meat plunged down her rectum, the only thing more impressive than that is that her asshole still manages to achieve such a tight grip. She's been honing her depraved style of on-camera fucking for years, initially making a splash in what would become the smash hit "Cytherea's Anal Whores". She would gravitate to dizzying heights, winning Best New Starlet at the 2005 AVNs and appearing in almost every major men's magazine as well as Playboy TV's Night Calls program. She wound up going on hiatus for a while and caught her second wind in 2010, staging a comeback which included a crowd funding campaign in 2014. It's a new day and sure as the rising tide, you know that Cytherea will bring the waterworks and you can watch it all unfold right here on RedTube.
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