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Описание модели: Say Aloha to Hawaii's finest teen cock-throb and heartbreaker Emma Mae, also known as Emma Rae or Emma Monday. She's a petite fuck doll renowned for her tiny tits and her big orgasms. Her small frame and bright blonde hair make her the perfect fit for most teen roles, and her pink pussy is a great fit for some of the hardest cocks in the business. She started her career in the porn industry in 2010, and has done solo masturbation scenes, lesbian, threesome, hardcore, and facial scenes. She enjoys modeling her milky skin for the camera, featuring as a cover girl for Hustler and showing off her tats for Inked, but she also loves shooting sweaty sex scenes where she has loads of cum drip onto her face. Speaking of cum, she often leaves her own toys dripping, making adorable fuck faces and shaking as she orgasms. When she isn't playing dress-up as a schoolgirl or as Santa's slutty little helper, she's busy running her own website, posting on her social media feeds, or giving her fans a show as a camgirl. Don't worry if you missed the latest or the greatest, RedTube has an all access pass for Emma Mae's best penetrations and good vibrations.
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