Имя модели: Francesca Le
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Описание модели: If you like them petite, Latin, and MILF-y, Francesca Le is probably your favorite pornstar. She's an award winning Hall of Famer who has lots of experience spreading those lips in front of a camera. Francesca first hit the industry in the pre-internet era, and her first scenes date back to the early 90's when people were still jerking off to VHS tapes and magazines. She took a break for a few years and came back right around Y2K. Like fine wine, Francesca only got better with time, and generated some unforgettable scenes in many different genres. She married fellow actor Mark Wood, with whom she opened up "LeWood Productions", where they both direct and perform. This industry power-couple is known for their elevated horny levels and love to share adventures with other performers in their personal lives as well. It's not always for the cameras, but it just so happens that sometimes the cameras are on, and that's when we get to enjoy her wild sexcapades. For a cock hungry MILF like Francesca Le, this whole porn thing is not just a side job or a fun hobby, it's a way of life. She's a master of her domain and she's got hours of footage all right here, on RedTube.
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